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Japanese Cooking Class

Japanese sake
is Japan’s national liquor.There are many kinds of Japanese sakes such as “Junmai-shu”, “Honjozou-shu” and “Ginjou-shu”. They have different brewing processes and different levels of rice polish.
was developed as an essential discipline for samurai warriors during the Edo period. It stresses not only the acquisition of technique, but spiritual refinement.

is the oldest sport in Japan and was originally practiced as a part of Shinto rituals for agricultural fertility in ancient times.
literally means “artist” but the Japanese use it to refer to women who have mastered the traditional art of entertainment which includes Japanese dancing, singing, playing musical instruments and performing the tea ceremony.

is a unique Japanese art in which various forms such as animals and flowers are created by folding square paper without the use of glue or scissors.
Japanese Tea Ceremony
Tea used in tea ceremonies in powdered green tea called Maccha. The host of the ceremony puts Maccha in a large tea bowl, pours hot water into it, and stirs it with a bamboo whisk called Cha-sen until the tea becomes frothy.

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